Spring Loafers

With spring waving to us from just around the corner and with all this mild weather we’ve been having lately, I’m getting around to planning my spring summer wardrobe.
Firstly will be the task of shedding all the winter hair I’ve been storing on my legs, maybe applying some fake tan to prevent snow blindness from my pasty pins and starting to bare my ankles slowly but surely!
The shoe that seems to be everywhere at the moment is the backless loafer. Whether you’re looking to spend hundreds of pounds on a gorgeous Gucci pair or just choose to buy the equally lusted after high street equivalents, you will literally be spoilt for choice! And below I’ve picked out a few of my favs for you all…

I know this will be a Marmite shoe, but for a bit of added warmth and if you have a unlimited budget to blow these are perfect and I personally love them!

Here without the fur but still mega bucks!! 
A cheaper alternative and coming in 4 different colour options (why not get all 4 for the price of 1?!)
These silver leopard print ones are gorgeous and perfect for some spring wear dressed up or down and lets face it…who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print?
How about these pretty pink pair for the summer…perfect with tanned legs and white jeans 
Or maybe in metalics? Both available through next directory 
Ending on the pair that ticks a few current fashion boxes. Backless, embroidered, Gucci vibe and won’t break the bank either 
So have I tempted you into the backless loafer? Whatever your budget there’s a pair out there for you, here’s a little inspiration via Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Spring Loafers

  1. Yvonne says:

    Yes! I’m tempted! I already have the leopard print ones from RI and they are soooo comfy!
    Have also bought the black suede ones from Topshop too!😁

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Sounds like your doing really well so far Yvonne! They seriously are so comfy though aren’t they!! 😍Xx

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