Spotlight on Gingham!

Here goes…my first solo blog post! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’ve only just got around to plucking up the courage to do it! Coupled with my severe lack of knowledge with anything technical (quickly calls up Mum who’s a computer genius) and the ‘can I really do it?’ nerves I thought sod it!

It’s really no secret to those who know me that I LOVE shopping or anything fashion related. I love nothing more than a trip to buy clothes for whoever and whatever occasion….any excuse and I’m there!!

So why not channel my passion into writing about clothes, fashion and life. I personally don’t believe in saving some clothes for ‘best’ seeing as I rarely go out on a night I’d never end up wearing them! I dress for how I feel that day and what I m doing. If you have that favourite dress or top you hardly get much use from then wear it! Maybe toughen it up with a leather or camo jacket, trainers or flats. If you have some statement shoes that hide away in your ‘going out’ wardrobe get them out and dust them off, maybe just wear with boyfriend jeans and a simple top or knit for a dressed down daytime look.

My mum says sometimes she feels too dressed up for Tesco but last time I checked Tesco didn’t have a dress code…although maybe shopping in slippers and a onesie is slightly pushing the boundaries!

So with all that said here goes….my first ever blog post and I’ve chosen to feature (drum roll please) Gingham!!!

It’s everywhere at the moment and set to carry on into spring, summer and beyond. I’ve picked out a few bits that have caught my eye…….

Firstly a simple easy to wear top with a nod to the frill trend on the sleeves


Urban Outfitters Ruffle Blouse £39

I love this from topshop but Don’t be put off by the fact that this top is called mutton! It’s most certainly not! It also comes in light blue


Top Shop Gingham Mutton Sleeve Blouse £29

How about this wrap skirt from Zara? Pair this up with a simple tshirt or vest top for warmer weather or a knit or hoody for cooler days


Gingham Frilled Skirt £25.99

These cute topshop shorts are perfect for topping up the tan (please be kind uk summer!!) 


Topshop Crinkle shorts £29

Ticking many boxes with this Zara top off the shoulder ✔️ embroidery ✔️ puff sleeves ✔️ 


Zara Embroidered Blouse £29.99

Sticking with Zara.. these trousers are just gorgeous with an added little twist on the sides 


Zara Gingham Trousers £39.99

I’m also loving (as she clicks buy now) this dress! Just perfect for spring wear and those sleeves 😍 Personally I’d wear this on its own or over some turned up skinnies


Zara Gingham Dress £29.99

Lastly taking the gingham trend down to the feet with these new look loafers 

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.22.39

New Look Gingham Loafer £22.99

So Hopefully I’ve not sent you cross eyed with all the black and white checks and just maybe tempted you into the world of gingham? (if you’ve not already entered it that is!) 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

36 thoughts on “Spotlight on Gingham!

  1. Donna watterson says:

    Great first post Hazel I love that you have taken the plunge into the world of blogging xxx
    I’m not a fan of gingham on myself but I love it when I see it on others. Xx 😘

  2. Mitch says:

    Well done Hazel , great blog ,I’m no fashion guru and as a plus size gal
    I’m not built for gingham or would look like an oversized chessboard .

    I however have always loved fashion and love watching what is current whether I can carry it off or not. Keep up your good work and build your confidence you truly have an eye for this – Mitch x

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Thank you lovely!! No you wouldn’t look like an over sized chess board!!! Thank you for your lovely comments 😊

  3. Janet Lambdon says:

    Great first blog Hazel. Gives me the inspiration to get Karabo’s first one up but I lack technical knowledgeable also….perhaps Tracey fancies a trip to Leamington Spa when she isn’t knitting! There will be no stopping you now. Look forward to the next one x

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Thank you Janet! Thank goodness for Tracey…I’d never have worked it out otherwise! Me and computers are not friends!!! Xxx

  4. Carmel says:

    Loved your first blog Hazel and you’re so right on not keeping your best clothes for special occasions- life is too short. If someone wants to rock into Tesco on a Monday morning in a Tiara and Louboutins I say good on them. I don’t think I can do gingham atm as I’m a little heavier than I’d like and the last time I wore gingham I was about 20 years younger and a size 8!!
    Look forward to reading the next blog xx

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Thank you Carmel! Yes we all do it but life is too short! Send me that pic of you shopping in Tesco in heels and a crown won’t you! I’d love to see it 😘

  5. Rose poore says:

    I do exactly that, keep stuff for best when I only ever go out to weddings, birthdays etc etc! I buy something and “keep it for best” I’m sorting my wardrobe today, going to be ruthless!
    Thanks H! You have just made me look st my wardrobe in a different light!
    I love Gingham but as I’m a larger lady I don’t think it does anything for me!
    Well done on your first blog, already looking forward to the next! X

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Thank you Rosie! We all do it…but it and keep it for best but my lack of social life pushed me into dressing for how I feel that day. I’d never wear any nice things if I kept it for best 😉 thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Hope your doing well Hun xx

  6. Clare says:

    Great blog Hazel x Think I’m gonna have to sort my wardrobe and go with ur theory on not keeping things for best xx

  7. Lorraine Smith says:

    Love love love this Hazel. A great blog from the real world. Affordable achievable fashion. That real people can wear. Have always admired your style and I am chuffed you have a blog. I will be following with interest. 😀

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      thank you so much Lorraine, that’s so kind to say. I want to do an achievable blog for everyone, not just high end! xx

  8. Claire says:

    Hi there, great blog – well done! Love the gingham pieces 💕 In terms of not saving your best for best… I’m not convinced personally as I feel very uncomfortable if I’m overdressed. I love clothes, but I am a casual girl at heart and feel at best in jeans & trainers or flats. But I am a firm believer in dressing for yourself and wearing whatever makes you feel fab. So if it’s heels & a tiara for Tescos, then so be it! 😍

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Hi Claire! Totally can only dress for yourself and how you feel comfortable. Rock whatever look you choose 🙂 xxx

  9. Clairey says:

    Fab first blog, chica. I completely agree on not saving things for best. Not quite plucked up the courage to wear my tulle to Tesco yet though :). Can’t wait to read more. X

    1. HazelJones1973 says:

      Hiya Beautiful!! Wear the Tulle!!! You’ll be the envy of all the lady shoppers!! I need a tulle skirt badly!! xxx

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